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As an additional convenience to our clients, Installation Services, LLC offers flooring inspections that can determine the quality of a previous flooring installation. With 30+ years of experience, the experts at Installation Services have the knowledge needed to provide recommendations for correction and/or improvement.

With Certified Master Installers on staff, our team is trained in all the latest best practices and methods for flooring installation. The inspection process will reveal any issues with your flooring and inform you of whether the installation was performed to acceptable standards. This will identify the potential for future problems and allow the team to provide an estimate for any necessary corrections.

Flooring Installation Stalled Due to Errors? We Can Get You Back on Track

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Replacing any flooring in your home can be difficult and inconvenient, but when that flooring installation has stalled or was left incomplete, your frustration can reach a boiling point.

Don’t worry, Installation Services is here to get things back on track!

Our team will not only explain what might have went sideways with an install, but they can also explain how to correct it - in most cases without full replacement.

If the issue is manufacturer-related, our team can help the store that provided the material understand what is incorrect with the product. Sometimes the issue may come from the surrounding environment. Whatever the issue or problem is, Installation Services can offer viable and realistic solutions to help your situation.

Contact us today if you need help figuring out what went wrong with your last install or to check the condition of your flooring.

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